1/25/2017   I’ve been working with Joseph as my personal trainer 5 days a week for 5 months.  My doctor told me just yesterday that I no longer need to take my diabetes medication.  I’ve been on these medications for diabetes Type II for 10 years. Thank you Joseph for your commitment to my health. You’re the best!

-Kathleen, age 68


In 2016, I decided to start training with Joseph. Immediately, I  started noticing that the pain issues in my scapula, neck and hip areas that I had been battling for the prior 6 years were starting to improve. Joseph has been a dream to train with. He is quite knowledgeable, wise, professional and encouraging. He cares enough about my issues to see them get resolved.  The quality of my life and my self confidence has greatly improved. The icing on the cake? I am finally enjoying good posture for the first time in my life! Nothing changed for me until I made the decision to train with Joseph!

-Tricia, age 59